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Children and Pregnant Women

"Children and Pregnant Women"

Hello, my friends.

A Medical Breakthrough

            For some time now, our office has been receiving regular referrals of pregnant women from a couple of area obstetricians.  Most have come in with lower back pain as their chief complaint, although chiropractic care has been shown to be beneficial to these patients in many other ways as well, including the possibility of an easier and faster labor and delivery.

             Our relationship with these doctors began slowly, as they seemed to be somewhat tentatively "testing the waters" to see how their patients would respond to our care.  The feedback has apparently been mostly positive, as now it sometimes seems like we have more ladies with big bellies "waddling" around our office than we do "regular" patients.

            One of the doctors actually attended my New Patient Orientation a couple of years ago, and when I got to the part where I talk about the birth process, and how traumatic it can be to both mother and child, I considered "softening" my language a bit, but decided to forge ahead.  It actually went very well, as this gentleman knows better than anyone but the mothers themselves how difficult this time can sometimes be.  By the end of the presentation, he was raising his hand and contributing, and in retrospect, it may have been that one little class that led ultimately to the relationship we now enjoy.


            I'm currently working my way through a "Diplomat" program offered by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.  This is quite a commitment for me, as it involves attending an average of one conference per month over a period of about 3 years.  Most of the modules are taught by doctors of chiropractic who have specialized in family care, although the last two instructors were a board certified pediatrician and a research scientist.

            The materiel presented by the pediatrician was perhaps the best so far, as he maintains a mostly natural, holistic practice and was willing to share with us some of his approaches to common childhood conditions, and under what circumstances a referral for medical evaluation should be considered.  It is this type of working relationship between our two professions that all patients need, and I was quick to commend him for his efforts in that direction at a time when many in both groups still seem to be at odds.

Newborn Babies

            The birth process can often result in the first "subluxation" or spinal misalignment, interfering with the nerve system and resulting in anything from colic to recurring ear infections to a host of other conditions and complaints. It may be this initial birth trauma, often undetected, that lies at the root of back and neck problems that show up in our office decades later.

But that's only the beginning:  of even greater concern is the effect of these early spinal traumas on the "autonomic" nervous system that controls internal organs and glands and the immune system.  It is critical that parents understand the relationship between the spine and the "inner workings" of their children's little bodies.

            I'm passionate about caring for babies.  They are certainly my favorite patients, and generally respond very quickly and easily to the gentle "instrument" adjustments with a hand-held device that lightly "taps" their little vertebrae into normal motion or position with what we like to call a soft "woodpecker" type of sound.  The procedure is simple, easy, and potentially life-changing, and if the infant happens to be asleep during the adjustment, they often don't even wake up.

            All in all, there's no question in my mind that family wellness care is the key to the future health of mankind. I've often asked myself, in thinking about my own life, how I can do the most good for the greatest number, and what it is that my profession and I have to offer people that they may not get anywhere else.  The answer has come to me in two parts:

            1. Our vitalistic philosophy, that there lies within us an innate intelligence that guides us from the moment of conception and directs our formation, growth and healing throughout our lives, "from the womb to the tomb."

            2. The concept of subluxation, that there is a close and inseparable relationship between structure and function, or between our human frame and the energy, information and "life" that flows through it.

            I'm now in my 32nd year of practice.  I've pretty much spent all of that time writing and speaking about the above two principles.  Good Lord willing (and the creek don't rise), I have every intention of doing it for at least that many more.  Hope to see you then!

Wishing you health, happiness, and peace,

Dr. Frank Bowling

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  • ""You need to try Dr. Bowling - you will feel better. The adjustments feel great. Dr. Bowling and Mary Sue are great people and you feel like your feelings matter to them.""
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