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Energy, Information and the Heart

"Energy, Information and the Heart"


Hello, my friends.

"You will be amazed at what comes out of your mouth when you focus on your heart."

So spoke Dr. James Oschman during a seminar in Indianapolis three weeks ago.I found his statement quite intriguing at the time, as Dr. Oschman is not a counselor or psychologist, but rather a highly respected researcher, one of those "pure scientist" types that has spent much of his life peering into microscopes in major laboratories at such prestigious places as Cambridge and NorthwesternUniversities and the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole.

I just finished reading Dr. Oschman's latest book, Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance, and have begun a previous one entitled, Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis.Both were written as a result of his decades-long and ongoing search for acceptable scientific explanations of the seemingly miraculous healing sometimes experienced in such fields as acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic.

Interspersed throughout the good doctor's writings, between the diagrams of cells and the chemical equations and the physics lessons, is the phenomenal and still unfolding story of "the living matrix," a system of heretofore unknown interconnections that permeate every cell and tissue, a system that transfers energy and information throughout the body virtually instantly, much faster than any chemical, enzyme, or even nerve impulse can travel.It is this web-like system, now visible with the most powerful technology, that may account for the otherwise inexplicable results sometimes achieved by the various "bodyworkers" mentioned above.

Time and space do not allow a thorough discussion of Dr. Oschman's research, his conclusions, or the various "educated speculations" or "hypotheses" that he shared with us during our time together, but one thing is clear:he's convinced that there's more than chemistry and physics to the inner workings of the human body, that there's an intangible "force" that guides these processes.In chiropractic, we've always referred to this inborn capacity as "Innate Intelligence," and it was this philosophy that initially attracted me to the profession, and still inspires and motivates me in my work.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, another noted scientist who's since passed on to his reward, made the following observation in 1960:"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy."I can't help wondering if we, too, might not be moving much more quickly in that direction, if not for the overwhelming political and economic power of our pharmaceutical industry.

So what does all of this have to do with the heart?Well, as it turns out, the heart is our energy "generator" - not the brain as we might expect.The heart supplies most of the energy that runs the body.By focusing our consciousness in the area of the heart before we speak, or act, or touch another person, we are tapping into the most powerful source of life, intelligence and healing available to us.

Try it.You'll find out, as I learned years ago in both my practice and my life, that the heart makes far fewer mistakes than the head.The results of this simple little principle, as Dr. Oschman promises, truly are amazing, and have the potential to change our world, one beat at a time.

Wishing you health, happiness and peace,

Dr. Frank Bowling


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