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How To Change The World

" How To Change The World" ­

Hello, my friends.

I love these lines from a song by Emmylou Harris:

You will always have a lucky star

That shines because of what you are

Even in the deepest dark

Because your aim is true.

Imagine a world in which all people live, not from the head, but from the heart.Just think what it would be like if we could all develop the ability to look inside ourselves and act, every day and in every way, on the basis of that "inner wisdom" that is the essence of every one of us.

Now imagine that we could each see inside one another, beneath the anger… the fear… the insecurity… the hurt - into that pure goodness and truth that lies within, that part of God that makes up our core and is trying to direct us every instant of our lives.

I can sometimes be a little naïve, but I like to think that Emmylou's lyrics apply to all people, that if we only had the vision, we'd somehow be able to perceive, in ourselves and in every other human being, an inner perfection that would allow us to say, "I know that your aim is true."

Standing back and looking superficially at our world, at the hatred and violence and chaos and disease, it's hard to see that we might all have anything in common.Yet, I've always thought to myself that although there may be no excuse for some of the terrible and misguided things some people do, there's always an explanation.I have to believe that anything less than perfection in this world is simply a reflection of the separation between that "divine spark" within all of life and the end product here on the physical plane.

Restoring Wholeness

On a philosophical level, the work that I do as a chiropractor is an attempt to heal that separation between what we are and what we are meant to be, between our current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state and the achievement of our maximum human potential.That sounds like a pretty lofty and intangible goal, but in truth, I see examples of it in my office virtually every day.

New patients invariably come in with chief complaints of physical pain, but in so many cases, the effects have spread to every other area of their being.There can be no separation of life into compartments.Everything affects everything else, just as we all affect one another.

I recently started working with a lady who was involved in an auto accident 10 years ago, and her back, neck and head pain is so terrible that she is nearly crazy, to the point where her previous doctor said her problems are "all in her head."Yet, she returned the day after her first adjustment to say that she had slept better the night before than she had in years, and was obviously calmer, clearer, and more stable than she was just 24 hours earlier.

Another recent new patient had a history of chronic leg pain that was so severe, she could only get relief by taking heavy doses of medication, which left her in such a mental fog as to be unable to think, and so unsteady that she fell out of her chair twice in 10 days, once to the right, and the next time to the left.Shortly after beginning chiropractic care, her leg pain is gone, but the real joy is in watching her mind clear up and her emotional health stabilize as her body heals itself and the need for medication is eliminated.

The Larger Question

B. J. Palmer, early developer of the chiropractic profession, liked to say, "Get the Big Idea, and all else follows."To what extent can removing interference to the full expression of life, one person at a time, improve our world?Can an individual who's better connected to that "inner voice" interact in a better, more harmonious, more loving way with others?Could the positive energy of that improvement vibrate throughout a family… a company… a community… a nation… an entire universe?I know in my heart that it does.I'll bet Emmylou would say so, too.

Wishing you health, happiness and peace,

Dr. Frank Bowling









































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