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Success Stories

  • ""As a tune-up benefits a car, chiropractic makes me 'run better.' When I got married, I had lost 15 lbs. to a TMJ problem - I could barely open my mouth. Two adjustments by Dr. Frank and I was eating an apple and back to normal. Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder are sincere in wanting your good health. They are clean, kind and conscientious - what more do you want?""
    Brenda Sobecki
  • ""I have been able to resume activities that hip/lower back pain had limited to 'just on occasion.' Chiropractic care with Drs. Bowling and Yoder has been a learning experience about my own body, but more importantly, I have a better quality of life. The doctors are caring and understanding and want you feeling better almost as badly as you do. I would describe the adjustments in one word - GREAT! It is not painful. The work that they do is gentle - but effective. Not only are they friendly - but interested (genuinely) in you and your life in general.""
    Gordon Hochmeister
  • ""Chiropractic care is often a way to have pain relief without extensive tests or medicine. Benefits I have received under Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder's care include pain relief and a feeling of having a health care professional who cares enough to do what it takes to help you. Just give it a try and you can see for yourself. A chiropractic adjustment is like a breath of fresh air.""
    Janet Haag
  • ""I love getting my adjustments using the 'roller' table, vibration platform, and wobble chair. After the second adjustment, for the first time in 5 years I was pain-free and felt like I was 16 years old and could move like I had when I was a cheerleader. You would have to be out of your mind not to get in and see Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder. Whether you have aches and pains or are sick, you can be fixed. So don't walk - run in and be seen, and go in with a positive attitude. The adjustment feels out of this world. The very first one I had done, felt like heaven. I am also seeing that my health and well-being are improving. The doctors really take the time with their patients to get to know them and they make you feel at ease and that you are the most important person. I love coming in to be adjusted and can't wait for the next appointment.""
    Mary Katherine Byron
  • ""When my back was hurting and I couldn't even stand up straight - every move hurt - Dr. Bowling worked on my back and without pain meds I was able to walk, sit, stand and move without pain within a week of care. I would encourage anyone to 'go see for yourself.' He really helped me.""
    Joni Harder
  • "" I love chiropractic because it makes me feel better, and over a period of time, stops the pain. At Bowling Chiropractic, they care. If your body is talking to you, listen to it, then make an appointment. You will feel better. The adjustments feel wonderful. I know Dr. Bowling and his wife Mary Sue very well, and they are great people.""
    Marzell A. Jerger
  • ""Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder give me the relief I need, and life is so much easier for me. They are the best - they truly care about each patient.""
    Mary Hindman
  • ""My sciatic nerve was excruciating after I delivered my daughter. Just 2 visits and it didn't hurt any more! Dr. Bowling also adjusted my new baby and she nursed better. He really helps, and it is definitely worth it to have adjustments - you should try!""
    Trista Van Nice
  • ""I'm able to feel better without chemicals or surgery. I was able to avoid back surgery that I was sure I was going to have to go through. You are crazy if you don't give it a try if you are having any kind of problem. Sometimes you don't notice that it helped immediately, but by the next day you can tell that it helped. Both doctors are very professional and seem genuinely concerned about your well-being.""
    Ron Wade
  • ""Chiropractic makes everything line up right and is a stress reliever for me. I don't like to take a lot of medication. I compliment them all the time. They did so much for me.""
    Lisa Osmon
  • ""Chiropractic really made me feel better. I was having back pain, and would drive to work and could not get out of my truck. After 2 visits it was gone, and has been gone 4 years. Their care is wonderful; they are caring and make sure they take care of your problems. The adjustments are very helpful.""
    Donald Reinhart
  • ""There are times as we grow older that we need a 'Health Reset.' I am now able to walk, sit and stand without pain. The doctors are very gentle. I enjoy my chiropractic family. I always leave uplifted and in line. God Bless.""
    Dorothy "Dot" Stoll
  • ""There are times as we grow older that we need a 'Health Reset.' I am now able to walk, sit and stand without pain. The doctors are very gentle. I enjoy my chiropractic family. I always leave uplifted and in line. God Bless.""
    Dorothy "Dot" Stoll
  • ""Chiropractic is the only thing that works, that keeps my pain level down and keeps me able to move around freely. When I first went in I could not hardly even walk and couldn't straighten up. I didn't want to get out of bed because of pain. Now I am up and moving and have a very low pain level. This is the best place for chiropractic service I have ever been to. I highly recommend them. You won't be sorry. When I leave the office I feel I have more energy and can move more freely. I just feel more like me and a more happy person. I have been to other chiropractors and Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder excel others by leaps and bounds. Their care is top notch. I won't go anyplace else now.""
    Brian W. Cox
  • ""The people at Bowling Chiropractic are so nice, and I always feel much better all over. In many ways, they make you feel like you are special, and want to help you. I don't know Dr. Yoder, but I'm sure he does well or he wouldn't be with the Bowlings and their staff - they are great! If you have never been there, you should go. I'm so glad to have been to Dr. Bowling and his wife and their girls and gotten help when I needed it.""
    Joan Eisele
  • ""I have benefited from Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder's care in many ways - eased severity of headaches, neckaches, backaches and 'charlie horses." Go to them - you won't regret it. The adjustments feel wonderful! And they are the kindest professional people I have met.""
    Paula Butcher
  • ""I love the chiropractic concept of the body healing itself. Drs. Bowling and Yoder are very caring and gentle, and quick to listen to patients' needs.""
    Beth Kirsch
  • ""I love how I feel - no more pain. I can do my housework again. It is wonderful to get up in the morning and feel good. If you have pain, you have waited too long. Go see Dr. Bowling or Yoder. They will make you into a new person. The whole staff are very friendly. They make you comfortable from the very first visit. Your first few adjustments might make you feel sore, but it takes time - you didn't get that way overnight. Thank you, Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder for making me feel good again.""
    Rita Dyer
  • ""I always made sure I got my mother to her chiropractic appointments, but never went myself until a bad backache made me decide to go. I then realized why my mother lived pain-free until she was 91. With my "once in a while" back problem I have had times when I walked into the office with a cane, and after 2-3 adjustments walked out pain-free. Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder are very gentle, thorough and caring. The adjustments are very relaxing. I sleep much better at night after an adjustment. The doctors are knowledgeable and caring, always seem willing to learn more, and have an excellent staff.""
    Melba Fox
  • ""I prefer chiropractic care to medical care, because it is non-invasive, drug free and is excellent preventive care. Since I have been to see Dr. Bowling 4 times this time around I have noticed less tension in my neck and between my shoulders, and I expect even better results in the future in my lower back also. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. They are sincere in saying they care about your overall health and well-being. Chiropractic care is wonderful, and it does work! The adjustments feel great!! Marvelous!! Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder are both very pleasant to be around. They create a relaxing office atmosphere. The latest technology is afforded to the patient to ensure results. I highly recommend them both.""
    Mrs. Leah J. Layton
  • ""You need to try Dr. Bowling - you will feel better. The adjustments feel great. Dr. Bowling and Mary Sue are great people and you feel like your feelings matter to them.""
    Carolyn Workman
  • ""Chiropractic care helps me with stress, and I can move better after sitting for long periods of time. My overall health is better. Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder are very caring and considerate doctors who work to relieve their patients of pain. After an adjustment, I feel pumped up and ready to go. I would recommend both doctors to anyone for care.""
    Elisha Sterling
  • ""A patient of Drs. Bowling and Yoder learns more about their body, how it functions, and how to take care of it. I learned how to identify symptoms (pain) and how to work with them to some degree myself and when to get on an adjustment schedule. They are professional, very knowledgable, have state of the art equipment, and solve a lot of problems that other doctors want to "cut" to solve. After adjustments, I feel relieved, relaxed, loose, and ready to go do the things I couldn't do before. I advise following the doctors' recommendations - their main concern is your health - mentally as well as physically.""
    Asil May
  • ""I'm feeling better body and mind. I now have body movement without pain and a much brighter mental attitude. It is well worth the money to feel as good as I do now. The adjustments feel wonderful! Both Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder are thoughtful and wonderful and gentle chiropractors.""
    Terri L. Bond
  • ""Chiropractic helps me to feel better as well as improve total health. I have fewer headaches and bodily aches and pains, and increased well-being. Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder are caring and committed to helping their patients. The adjustments feel great! Dr. Bowling has been a friend as well as a good chiropractor. He has gone way beyond the usual care for me and my family. He has been a mentor for our daughter, Heather (now a chiropractor in Maui, Hawaii).""
    Gayle Ostby
  • ""When I have an adjustment, I can do things I normally can't do without as much pain. I feel a lot better and don't have to take as many pain killers. Go to Dr. Bowling. He can make you feel better, he sure did me, after years of pain. The adjustment feels awesome! Dr. Bowling is fantastic.""
    Ruth Ann Asbell
  • ""You just feel relaxed and stress free after your visit. Upon my first visit I hardly walked in the door. I had lower back, leg and foot pain. Since getting regular adjustments and getting stretched I am 90% pain free. I would say if you have any body discomfort you should give them a try. I don't believe you would regret it. The entire office treats you like you're someone, which is nice. I also wish I paid them a visit before ever having back surgery.""
    Nathan Kane
  • ""Chiropractic has provided me with pain free relief from shoulder and neck pain, as well as headaches that no medical doctor could. It has given me pain free living and a restful night's sleep. You should experience it, understand it, and realize the difference it can make in life. The adjustments are "liberating." Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder's practice is fresh, state-of-the-art, and always adjusting to meet the needs of their practice members.""
    Michael P. Leighty
  • ""Chiropractic helps the body stay mobile and as we get older, we need all the help we can get. Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder's care has helped me regain a mobility state that a short time ago, I was concerned might be restricted keeping me from doing many of the things I like to do, such as gardening and yard work. I was almost ready to give up and see a neurosurgeon for numerous back problems but decided to give chiropractic a try first. They have helped me so much I wish I had gone to them much sooner. Their adjustments do not involve twisting the body to make it "pop" and "crack." Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder gently adjust the spine using adjusting tables that do most of the work for you. It is not uncomfortable at all. They are both very friendly and willing to listen to your concerns and will try to do what they can to remedy the problem. Thanks, Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder!!""
    Jean Hochmeister
  • ""Chiropractic helps you to feel much better without invasive procedures or medications. You need to go! They'll help you feel so much better! I tell people this as often as someone tells me about their aches and pains. The adjustments feel great! The staff is always professional and courteous and make you feel as if they care about you!""
    Leslie Dobbyn
  • ""I have experienced serious back problems for more years than I care to remember. I have been under the care of a chiropractor for 15 years plus, sometimes requiring adjustments as many as 3 times per week to be able to function. It was recently confirmed through an MRI that I have 4 bulging discs in my lower back as well as stenosis of the central canal. Just a few days after being diagnosed, Dr. Bowling's ad was in the paper describing the new equipment he had just purchased. My doctor and I discussed it and thought it was worth a try. I have had four sessions and the results are unbelievable! I can actually get out of bed in the morning PAIN-FREE, something I had not experienced for years and something I did not expect to be able to do without surgery. I'm sold!"
    Female, age 51
  • ""I believe chiropractic care has kept me from having back surgery. Because of Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder's care, I am not on any medication. Try it, it has made a difference in my life. The adjustments make me feel better all over. Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder are very special doctors who care about their patients.""
    Lana Weisman
  • ""When I retired I thought all of my job related pains would go away - I was wrong. So I started going to Bowling Chiropractic. The pains went away. Now I have less aches and pains and all around better health. Why not give it a try? What do you have to lose? I always look forward to the adjustment because I always feel better. Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder are both good Christian men who care.""
    Coli R. Nazario
  • ""Chiropractic is the natural way to promote health and a sense of well-being. I feel blessed to have this opportunity. My health always benefits - with good body alignment - they promote overall health - proper diet - mental and physical and emotional health. I sleep better, feel better. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. I feel better immediately as a rule. I sleep better and have more energy. It picks me up. The office is relaxed and a pleasant atmosphere. They take time to listen and the patient is top priority. Both doctors are sincere, "laid back" personalities. They promote a sense of well-being in the patient.""
    Marilyn Davis
  • ""It works. I can go to work without being in pain. It takes more than 1-2 visits and continued care but it's worth it. I always feel better the next day. The doctors and the whole staff are very nice and helpful.""
    Don Padgett
  • ""It is a non-invasive procedure that helps us feel better without drugs. We always feel better after an adjustment or two, or however many it requires and we can usually go for a long time between adjustments, unless something such as a strain or a mishap that causes one's back to need a realignment occurs. Bowling Chiropractic is a place where the personnel are courteous and friendly and they know their appointed jobs. The adjustments are pleasant and they have always been very helpful to us in making us feel better. We would highly recommend Bowling Chiropractic. The chiropractic adjustment is a pleasant experience. They are not painful and when it is over we usually feel relaxed and just better overall. We have known Dr. Bowling for about 10 years and he is the kind of man that one would be glad to have for a neighbor.""
    Albert and Luella Sims
  • ""I believe in keeping lined up before things become real problems. I have been able to clear up minor aches & pains before they have got too bad. I really believe in what they do and I would much rather do this than put things off until I may even need surgery to repair or just relieve pain. I feel good after an adjustment. A relief of pressure or pain when something is bothering me. I think it is a Good Health feeling. I don't care to be pushed into something I don't want and I never feel pressured here.""
    Barb Roach
  • ""This is the only way I can keep off pain medications and other medications doctors want me on. My lower back has improved over the past year, and no more problems with my neck if I come regularly. They care about you! They will answer any questions you have and explain in terms you can understand. The adjustment feels great! Thanks so much!""
    Mae Stuffle
  • ""I have lived with low back pain for many years with more stiffness and deep soreness in my lower back and hips as I age. Chiropractic care has been my relief many times. I have had such wonderful results from the spinal decompression than I ever thought was possible. It's hard to believe something as simple, easy, and painless as this can do so much in such a short time. It's wonderful!""
    W.G., Female, age 74
  • ""Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder are always there to head off problems before they get serious. I feel very strongly about being "on the job" every day. I have to stay "tuned up" to do that. Dr. Bowling has been adjusting me for nearly 30 years. Even if I am not hurting when I go in I always feel better after an adjustment. Sometimes when I tell people I feel as good as I did 20 years ago they are amazed, but I mean it, I really do feel great.""
    Don Bowling
  • ""After suffering from constant neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches and numbness in my arm and hand, I decided to seek care at Bowling Chiropractic. Dr. Bowling started with a full check-up that included x-rays and range of motion testing. He could see several areas of my spine and neck that needed work. Personally, I didn't care what he did as long as he could help get rid of the pain. I began an aggressive plan where I was coming into the office 2 and 3 times a week to receive adjustments. Some days I felt better and some days I did not. As Dr. Bowling tried various techniques, we eventually found a "routine" that seemed to alleviate the pain in my neck and shoulder that was being caused by a pinched nerve. I am so glad I stayed with the plan and did not have to have surgery. I forgot what it felt like to be pain free. My many thanks go to Dr. Bowling and his staff.""
    Adam Watkins
  • ""I love chiropractic because I don't like to take pills, because of side effects and forgetting to take them, and because of much faster and more positive results. I'd say, "Go for it," for fast relief from aches and pains. The adjustments feel great, not only physically but mentally (it seems to clear the cobwebs). If aches slip up on me, I know where to go for help.""
    Mildred L. Collins
  • ""For the most part my pain is gone but I have some pain and about once a month I have an adjustment and feel better. I was in constant pain for years and after going to Drs. Bowling and Yoder for a few months I still had pain and had just accepted the fact of living with pain, but after a point the pain was gone. I was under other chiropractic care for years and found no relief. For me, the time of the adjustment is not the key but I feel the results later. I know every case is different, but living without pain is great. I recommend these doctors to anyone.""
    Alice Hamilton
  • ""Thank you so much for letting the public know about your computerized spinal decompression. I had been suffering excruciating pain from the sciatic nerve. The burning pain made it impossible to get a good night's sleep. Thanks to your advertising I decided to give the procedure a try. After one session I experienced amazing results and have continued the care to ensure long-lasting effect. I find that my mobility has improved as well. I also have arthritis and have had years of chiropractic care just to keep going. I highly recommend this procedure to others.""
    D.E., Female, age 67
  • ""I had pain in my lower back. It hurt to roll over in bed and climb stairs. I had tried other chiropractors and adjustments were painful to that area of my back. Now I am pain free. I can roll over in bed and climb stairs without pain and adjustments are enjoyable. Thanks, Dr. Bowling.""
    Pam Nutter
  • ""Having been diagnosed with ruptured discs in my lower spine, I was in constant pain. A renowned surgeon stated that my only recourse was to have back surgery to correct the condition. He sent me home with a prescription for pain medicine and told me to let him know when I was ready for the surgery. I made an appointment with Dr. Bowling and began care utilizing spinal decompression, with almost instant results. To say the least, this care gave me back my life, as I was contemplating having to give up my job. Dr. Bowling showed me that the power that made the body will heal it if given the correct opportunity. What a blessing!""
    Female, age 63, Registered Nurse
  • ""My first chiropractic experience happened in 1994; a new team fresh out of school I guess. I stayed with them for two or three years thinking they were doing a good job. As it was my first experience, I didn't know whether it was good or bad. I do know that I never felt better after an adjustment, and usually felt worse. I finally quit them and had no more to do with chiropractic. In the winter of 1999, my back began to bother me until I could scarcely turn over in bed. I knew a regular M.D. couldn't help me, so I did what any (intelligent?) person would have done. I picked one out of the yellow pages (I have actually had good luck doing that very thing on other situations.) My wife, Mildred, has had the same good fortune with Dr. Bowling's adjustments and would, as I also would, recommend Chiropractic to anyone, especially the offices of Bowling and Yoder.""
    Albert Sims
  • ""For several years, my sciatica would give me trouble. I had tenderness across my lower back and hip, and pain running down my leg. I would get temporary relief, but one day my leg started jerking, and it would not go away. It gradually got worse, and I decided to seek chiropractic care. Dr. Bowling suggested spinal decompression, and after the first session I was able to sleep through the night without my leg jerking. What a relief - I couldn't believe it! Thanks to this simple, painless, fantastic approach, I'm able to enjoy life again.""
    Female, age 79
  • ""Chiropractic helps reduce the pain in my back. It doesn't hurt as bad or as often. Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder care about the patient and try to make them feel better. The adjustment feels great.""
    Terry Grove
  • ""Just wanted to let you know what spinal decompression has done for me. When I first decided to go, I thought, 'Can't hurt - worth trying,' and it certainly has been. My back was hurting all the time, and now after a few sessions I am free of pain. This is so much better than surgery.""
    Male, age 83
  • ""It doesn't hurt, and there aren't any drugs. Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder have stopped a lot of my lower back pain and also neck pain. I think they really care about the people that they work with. The adjustment doesn't hurt at all.""
    Verda Briles
  • ""We were always pleased with Dr. Bowling's care. We both benefited from adjustments. We would recommend anyone to come to Dr. Bowling. The adjustments feel wonderful. Even though we're not in Indiana anymore, we still think of Dr. Bowling.""
    William and Carmen Parks
  • ""Chiropractic care keeps me from hurting. I highly recommend you give Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder the opportunity to help you if you have pain.""
    Kenneth F. Arvin
  • ""Chiropractic keeps me in good working order - it keeps me "running." It is part of my health plan. I feel stronger when aligned. Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder are compassionate and caring about chiropractic care. My daily exercise is more enjoyable after my "tune-up," whether it be biking, walking or running. I feel more fluid.""
    Patty Arnold
  • ""Chiropractic makes me feel good with one adjustment, and I don't need pain killers. When I first came to Dr. Bowling I was in constant pain so much that I couldn't function. After multiple tests, the medical doctors said there was nothing wrong. That was because they couldn't recognize what was causing the problems. Once my spine was adjusted and started to heal, I stopped taking all the 16 medications they had put me on (strange practice when they don't know what's wrong). If I hadn't relied on chiropractic, I would at the very least still be in pain, but truthfully I would probably be dead.""
    Shelley Kinnett
  • ""I love that chiropractic is non-surgical/no medication - a better way to deal with pain and to help correct the problem. Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder's care got rid of 90% of my neck pain. Reduced pain gives me better range of motion. My advice would be to try it. Personally, I find the adjustments relaxing. Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder are great guys.""
    Tara Cales
  • ""Chiropractic helps me feel better. After every appointment, I leave feeling refreshed! My back feels better and I am confident that the chiropractic care I am receiving will help me avoid the lower back pain I usually experience during pregnancy. You should go see them. You'll love it! The adjustment feels great!""
    Leslie Gray
  • ""I don't have to take pills, give blood, or have more invasive tests after the initial x-rays. Headaches are gone, finger numbness/tingling gone, carpal tunnel symptoms gone (for years), sciatic pain (took several adjustments) gone with no recurrence. It's a total natural way to restore health and become pain free. The adjustment gives a relaxed, euphoric feeling that can last until the stress of living re-enters your life. I remember a young boy, age 7 or so, who had asthma - he ran back into the office after an adjustment to show us he could now blow up a balloon.""
    Patty Gray
  • ""I know Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder care about your pain and that you will benefit from their adjustments. I had lower back and neck pain and the adjustments relieved the pain and pressure I had. I felt a lot better!!! I would go back to them in a heartbeat because they are kind, caring and do the best they can to make people feel better. That's their job, and they do it well. The adjustment feels really good, relieves pressure and pain, and you'll feel a difference before you leave.""
    Rebecca English
  • ""I've only been to Dr. Bowling a few times but got relief very soon and was well pleased.""
    Vonda G. Scott
  • ""I love chiropractic because it is natural healing and no surgery. Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder have kept me pain free. Their care is professional and nice, and they both care a bunch about my health.""
    Dale R. Padgett
  • ""Dr. Bowling helped my back. I would recommend him to everyone.""
    Arlene Harker
  • ""For me, the wife whose husband has had back problems for 21 years, it's been a journey. Not knowing what hard work can do to your body (or spine), we now realize that you need chiropractic care early in life to keep you in tip-top shape as you grow older. With the help of Dr. Bowling and Dr. Yoder's care, my husband has been able to work and keep working at his job. It has been a great benefit. The doctors care about your health, not only during their working hours. They will come in at night or on the weekend. It doesn't matter how small a pain you have, they will fix you right up. P.S. - Mary Sue is very helpful and respectful.""
    Margie Padgett
  • ""Dr. Bowling makes me feel a lot better fast! In the summer of 2007 I had a lot of back and leg problems, and now I'm doing fine! I would highly recommend Dr. Bowling's care. He is a very caring and gentle doctor.""
    Catherine M. Petty
  • "" I go along with the belief that the body can be reset in order to function properly and give all of us a better quality of life without pain. I now walk and climb stairs much easier and have started doing work/chores that I had not done in the past fourteen years. If you want to feel better, possibly without surgery, you need to go see Drs. Bowling and Yoder. An adjustment takes a lot of pain and pressure off of the left side of my body due to a degenerated disc. It is like getting up fresh in the morning. The doctors do thorough exams and x-rays and explain what is going on and what we all need to do to feel better. It has kept me away from surgery.""
    Jim Edwards

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  • ""You need to try Dr. Bowling - you will feel better. The adjustments feel great. Dr. Bowling and Mary Sue are great people and you feel like your feelings matter to them.""
    Carolyn Workman

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