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A Beautiful Mess

"A Beautiful Mess"

Hello, my friends.

            "How can you stay outside?

            There's a beautiful mess inside."

                        - Yael Naim

            I believe the most important message I have to share is the principle that there lies within all living things an organizing power, an Innate Intelligence that guides and directs life, health and healing.  This vitalistic philosophy is the foundation of everything I do as a doctor.

            You may have observed that I'm fond of music, and have a habit of quoting song lyrics to make some of my points.  In listening to the various artists, I can't help but notice that most songs are written about love - everyone seems to be obsessed with losing it, finding it, making it… or falling in it.

            I've always been a heart person, and my best response to the stresses of life is always to go inside myself and connect to that place deep within us all that somehow knows the answers.  I believe that place and that power, whatever and wherever it is, is the very Innate Intelligence I mentioned above, and it seems logical to me that with constant and diligent attention and practice, we should be able to lead progressively more conscious, more intuitive, more "Innate-directed," and thus inevitably more happy, healthy and successful lives.

            Though approaching our lives from "Above-Down," and from the "Inside-Out" is the most natural, normal and logical course, it doesn't necessarily come easily.  On the whole, our world seems to have gotten pretty far off that track, and most of us are conditioned and accustomed to look for causes and solutions outside ourselves.  We blame all of our problems on "bad luck," "bad genes,"  "bad germs," or "bad people," when in fact the difficulty is most often a simple matter of poor communication - in modern cell phone terminology, one might call it "a dropped call."

Most of our problems, healthwise and otherwise, are the result of interference between the external world and our own internal perception of it, a "disconnect" between our physical, chemical and mental challenges and the "internal perfection" that is the essence of us, a disturbance in the ability of our own Innate Intelligence to perceive, adapt and respond to the stresses of life.

A Better Way

            My life is truly blessed, in that I spend much of my time in a community that is both sheltered and enlightened, a community of professionals who understand the above principles, and who constantly nourish, reinforce, and support one another in that understanding.  It is the community of chiropractic.

            Every day, I get to spend my time caring for patients in the knowledge that the key to their health, the key to their future, is restoring the connection between their own God-given healing ability and its physical expression in their lives, and helping them to understand the awesome power that lies within us all.  It's a message of vital importance, a story that needs desperately to be shared, and the sobering awareness of the responsibility and the privilege with which my colleagues and I have been charged, lifts me up daily to continue that work.

Love Is All There Is

            "They say that love is in the air,

            but never is it clear

            How to pull it close and make it stay."

                                    - Sheryl Crow

            I'm a pretty simple person, and I may tend to oversimplify things for the sake of my own understanding, but I don't believe love, or any other good thing, is in the air, or anywhere else on the "outside" of us.   I don't believe love, peace, joy, health, happiness, success, or any of the other worthy goals of life need to be "pulled close."  I don't believe the answers lie in the next relationship, the next job, the next advisor, the next specialist, the next "wonder drug," or even the next vitamin or "super food" that can only be grown in some obscure valley on the other side of the world.

            I think we need to take back our power, and begin to look within ourselves for the answers to the problems of life.  We need to accept responsibility for our own choices, look in the mirror, and recognize that behind those eyes lies more energy, more Innate Intelligence, and more capacity to deal with whatever comes our way from "out there" than could ever be exhausted.

            There will always be times when we look inside and see nothing but, as Yael Naim describes it, a "mess," but that doesn't make it any less resourceful, any less powerful, or any less beautiful.  Anyway, a mess can always be cleaned up, and the rewards of dwelling in that magical place are, in my experience, nothing short of divine.

Wishing you health, happiness and peace,

Dr. Frank Bowling

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