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Serendipity by a Bonfire

"Serendipity by a Bonfire"



Hello, my friends.­

"I don't need your services, but I do love your articles.I like the way you think.You should be a Quaker."


So said the lady at Frank and Elke's annual bonfire as I ladled out a bowlful of Charlie's famous jambalaya and prepared to settle myself into a warm spot next to Mary Sue on a bale of hay.I'd never given much thought to the Quakers, and didn't know there were any around here.The only ones I'd ever known about were Richard Nixon and the guy on the oatmeal box.


Nevertheless, her comments piqued my curiosity, so the very next day I got on the Internet and did a little "Quaker research," and based on what I read, I must honestly say that she might very well have been right - I probably would make a pretty good Quaker.But that's a story for another day.


My immediate response to what the nice and complimentary young lady said was, "Thank you" (for loving my articles and liking the way I think) and "Yeah, you do - you just don't know it" (to her statement about not needing my services).


What The World Needs Now

"A physiological or psychological requirement for the well-being of an organism" - that's the best dictionary definition I could find for the word "need."And for "well-being," I found this:"the state of being happy, healthy or prosperous."


How does the lady at the bonfire know what she "needs?"How do any of us know?Henry David Thoreau said that, "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation."What are we desperate for?What do we long for?If we knew what it is that we really "need," it sure would be a lot easier to go after it.

I've been writing these little articles every month for several years now, and have developed a pretty good little group of regular readers.People frequently stop me at ball games or in the grocery store or on the street and tell me how much they enjoy them.It's gratifying to know that what I write is so well received.


Missing the Mark

Somehow, though, too much of the time, I don't seem to be getting my real message across.Somehow, the majority can't seem to make the leap between the parts of the articles they like - the ones about life and love and the heart and the mind - and the vital work in which my colleagues and I are engaged.They can't grasp the wholeness of the human organism, the connection between physical "interference" and the attainment of an extraordinary life.


The capacity to love.The ability to think, and create.The energy to heal.The full expression of that divine spark that animates all of life.These qualities, and many others too numerous to list or discuss in this brief essay, are impacted by the chiropractic adjustment and the release of interference that is its inevitable result.

Who needs these "services?"Anyone who is less than perfect.Anyone who's interested in "well-being" (that state of happiness, health and prosperity).Anyone who's looking for better quality in any aspect of their lives - Democrats and Republicans… young and old… black, brown, yellow, red and white… Muslims, Jews, Christians… even Quakers without back pain.

Thanks again for reading, and for liking what you read.It's what keeps me going, and gives me hope.That you may some day fully understand, accept, and implement the information I try so hard to impart, for yourself, your families, and all mankind, is my honest and sincere prayer.


Wishing you health, happiness and peace,


Dr. Frank Bowling


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