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The Paradox of Greatness

"The Paradox of Greatness"

Hello, my friends.

 "Genius always finds itself a century too early." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"God screens us evermore from premature ideas." - Emerson again.

            When I first read the above two quotes, my first impression was that they were contradictory.  After all, how could a great man or woman appear in the world "too early," yet not be thinking thoughts or expressing ideas that are "premature"?

            Upon careful reflection, I now see that what we have here is a paradox, the definition of which I remember from Sister Deidre's English class:  "an apparent contradiction which is true upon examination."

            I've spent the best part of my adult life (about 35 years now) writing and speaking truths that I learned from leaders of my profession who are long dead, men who themselves began discovering and developing those truths over 115 years ago.

            I've often thought my chosen calling difficult, yet my road has been infinitely smoother than the one traveled by those early pioneers, essentially all of whom were ridiculed, some even jailed for what they thought, taught and advocated.  They were indeed, in one sense, "a century too early."

            But wait.  Let's think about this a little more.  In the words of one of those early leaders, who expounded 33 Principles upon which my beloved profession is based, "There is no process that does not require time."  And of course, every process, every period of time, must have a beginning.  It has to start somewhere.

            And so it was with our philosophy, science and art.  We are where we are today because those brave and principled men and women had the vision and strength to begin, and to stand firm for what they knew to be true.  Because of their steadfast courage, we are 115 years down the path of our process, and untold millions of sick and suffering people - past, present and future - will be forever in their debt.

            Science has come a long way in that time, and our understanding of the human body has grown by leaps and bounds, yet every day, research is validating those early, fundamental principles:  the significance of our own innate healing ability, the supremacy of the brain and spinal cord as receptors and conductors of that innate intelligence, and the central role of the spine itself in that process.

              Application of those concepts will continue to evolve, and undoubtedly, many of the things we think, say and do today will seem foolish and simpleminded as knowledge continues not only to grow, but to accelerate.  Yet, I know in my heart (the smartest organ I own) that those basic principles will not change, and that, in a world now still largely dominated by wrong ideas and wrong approaches to health, my chiropractic forefathers (and hopefully, their modern day descendants), will have played a critical role in turning it all around.

Wishing you health, happiness and peace,

Dr. Frank Bowling

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