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How to Heal and Grow

"How to Heal and Grow"

The Secret of Evolution­


Hello, my friends.If I can clearly convey this message, I guarantee you'll come away with more hope, greater confidence, and a sense of reverence for the pure potential within your own body, mind,and heart.A couple of months ago, I stumbled onto a daily "meditation" program from a company called Centerpointe, which I immediately purchased and began to use.Shortly thereafter, I received a free book entitled, "Thresholds of the Mind," by Bill Harris, which I quickly devoured. 

Within that book is a chapter that's not just about mind power; rather, it is an exposition on the miracle of life itself.There's a whole lot more to it than the book title might suggest, and because of my own work and background, that single chapter has impacted me in a profound way.Its concepts apply to the whole person, including the physical body, and I cannot exaggerate the effect it has had on my thinking, or how it has clarified my purpose, reinforced my confidence, and deepened my faith.I therefore feel compelled to share it with you now:

"Open" for Business

As living things, you and I may be classified as "open systems," which means that nothing about us is static or unchanging.On the contrary, we are by our very nature a constant flow of energy.We absorb energy in the form of light, heat, air, water, food, and everything that is said, done, or happens to us from the "outside in," and we are continually "giving off" energy as we breathe, radiate heat, eliminate waste, or perform any type of activity, including thinking, feeling and just "running our bodies" from one moment to the next.


It's a beautiful thing, this flow of energy.As long as it continues, undisturbed and unimpeded, all is well.Unlike a "closed system," which spirals steadily downward into chaos, disorder, and disorganization, we have the ability to renew ourselves.The only thing standing in our way is something called "threshold."

In other words, we have our limits.If the stuff coming at us from the "outside in" is more than we can handle, if it's over our "threshold," even we "open systems" can begin to break down, leading to physical, mental or emotional dysfunction, dis-ease, and eventually, death.

Chaos and Reorganization

Here comes the best part:because we are "open systems," and because we have a built-in "innate intelligence" that allows us to "perceive and respond" to this "chaos-inducing" barrage of adverse forces and events coming at us from the "outside in," not only can we overcome them - we can actually "reorganize" ourselves, and "escape to a higher order."

In other words, God has given us the ability, not only to "heal ourselves," but to actually come out on the other end of any adversity stronger, more resilient, more self-actualized, and more highly evolved than we were before!

Keys to the Kingdom

So, how do we take advantage of this revolutionary revelation?The answer is really quite simple:we must find a way to "raise our threshold," to increase our limits, so that our systems are not overwhelmed and can respond, adapt, and evolve.The ultimate goal is a lifetime of perpetual progress along this "stairway to heaven," and there are three keys to its achievement:

1. A clear mind and heart

2. A clear body

3. A clear flow of life energy

The first key is addressed by Mr. Harris in his book, and by many others as well.The second is a matter of life-giving air, water and nutrition.The third is the domain of chiropractic, with its emphasis on the free flow of intelligent, healing energy from above, down (through the brain and spinal cord), and from the inside, out (through the nervous system, to every organ, system and cell of the body).

As I write this, I feel within me the spirit of Charles Haanel, who said that "when truth appears every form of error or discord must necessarily disappear."I hope you feel it, too.

Wishing you health, happiness and peace,

Dr. Frank Bowling


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