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Hope for the Hopeless

"Hope for the Hopeless"

Hello, my friends.

            The above title comes from a song by Alison Sudol, who performs under the name, "A Fine Frenzy."  The lyrics aren't particularly inspiring, but the music is wonderful, the young lady's vocals are exceptional, and the phrase itself tugs at my heart.

Without question, the most difficult thing about my work is knowing my profession's untapped potential, and feeling unequal to the task of disseminating its truth.  I've toiled for over 30 years to communicate our message in a way that's powerful and impactful enough to cause society to understand and accept it, so that its promise for sick and suffering humanity may ultimately be fulfilled. 

Yet my success in accomplishing my chosen mission has, honestly, not been nearly what I had expected.  When I first grasped the significance of what my colleagues and I have come to know as "The Big Idea," I thought it would change the entire course of health care within 5 years.  That was in 1973.

In reality, although we do seem to be plodding slowly in the right direction, still only about 10% of the people in this country have ever received a "specific, scientific chiropractic adjustment," and around the world, with over 6 billion human beings now inhabiting the planet, hardly anyone, relatively speaking, has been exposed to its life-changing possibilities.

Sadly, although the overwhelming majority of those who have experienced chiropractic care describe themselves as either "satisfied" or "very satisfied" (about 95%), most still have no clue as to its true potential.  Most doctors of chiropractic don't take the trouble to teach their patients how the body really works, what controls it, what goes wrong with it, or where life and health come from.

As a result, though our profession is growing in acceptance as a "treatment" for "cricks, backaches and strains," we have failed in the charge placed upon us by our developer, Dr. B.J. Palmer, who urged us in his last writings to "guard well" the "sacred truth" with which we are entrusted.  It is that truth, and it's potential significance to so many of the "hopeless" among us, that keeps me coming here to my office every day, adjusting, teaching and preaching the "good news" of chiropractic.

In a very real sense, it may be said that the chiropractic profession was built on medical failures.  So many of our patients over the course of our 113 year history have been people who sought traditional care first, without a satisfactory resolution of their problem.  And still today, when a new patient comes in to see me after having consulted several specialists and spent thousands of dollars on testing and treatment to no avail, I get excited.

Not uncommonly, the one possible cause of their problem that hasn't been considered, because it isn't given adequate attention by mainstream medicine, is what we in chiropractic excel in correcting - the "vertebral subluxation," or loss of normal spinal function, with its resultant interference to the body's inborn, God-given ability to heal itself.

I'm virtually haunted by the knowledge that there are thousands of people within my own small corner of the world for whom chiropractic care could offer hope, but who, for lack of knowledge and commitment on my part, may never get that chance.  Many do not have "cricks, backaches or strains," but rather the myriad of other human afflictions, virtually all of which could respond favorably to the restoration of a normal flow of energy and information between brain and body.

            It is for those thousands, and for the millions like them around the world, that I continue to study, think, and write.  I often joke with my patients that I'll be here "till they carry me out," which preferably won't be any time soon.  Until then, as Dr. Palmer so eloquently put it, "May God flow from above down His bounteous strengths, courage and understanding to carry on."

Wishing you health, happiness and peace,

Dr. Frank Bowling

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